November 30, 2007

French Hip Hop criticizes the system

Hip Hop is a universal language, a dialect of importance in that is it entirely relevant to the times. If you have a chance, check out this DOPE EXPOSE on French
Hip Hop following the riots of November 2005. The politically charged rhymes of these artists are recieving a notable response from the French government for their harsh criticism of the unfair treatment of immigrants in the poor suburbs just outside Paris.

"They're always trying to find someone to blame!"


November 28, 2007

B.O.S. Skwad Records Food Drive '07

A big, sincere thanks to everyone that came out and donated at our Food Drive show on 11/17 at the No. 9 Ale House - big thx Nikki Stone. We collected quite a bit of stuff and helped out some people in need! Extra special props to all the performers that rocked: B.O.S. Skwad, Jacques LaROQ, Shortrock, Mister Salty, Shurm, Stache, and Grimey Bruce. And good looks to the host for the evening Shivaa, the wackiest-man-not-yet-on-tv. And peace to our dedicated supporter, Kristen for the dope pix. If you're free, stop by the Ale House for some dope brews and check out our Xmas Toy Drive/Make-a-Wish show on December 15th.

November 26, 2007

Headphone Syndrome - Sylence DoGood

if you haven't already, peep our first "release", Headphone Syndrome by the homie Sylence DoGood, "your mom's favorite emcee.

Introduction to a movement...

Well boys and girls, with the tech help from Unkel Jerry of HMR, we are finally on the web- word! B.O.S. Records was established earlier this year by members of my group, The B.O.S. Skwad, and a few of our close friends. We have a deep committment to dope, insightful Hip Hop and bringing the music back to the people. If you've been to any of our events you know what to expect- dope lyracists, turtablists, and beat-makers showing off their creativity. We are founded on the principle of Hip Hop music being a vital source of expression in our culture; and, in that tradition, we'd like to encourage proactive dialouge, debate, and criticism on the site. Well, I'm back to the grind, but stay tuned-in to read more about the movement...

ReCaaLL the Albatross