December 31, 2007


We'd like to wish EVERYONE- friend, foe, emcee, turntablist, skeezah, skank, dufus, and presidental nominee- a fun, safe new years. Be safe- wrap it up before you slap it up and avoid all coppers! No boozecruising! unfortunately, I gotta take this year off from our usual insanity, but I give you a tiny dose of Subtle for the new year- as smooth as the Crown I plan to sip later. Peace to all!

ReCaaLL the Last Albatross

December 29, 2007

Another Friday at the Bulfinch

A big thank you to everyone that came out to support last night. Special thanks to Vast Aire, Karniege, and Double AB for trooping from New York to rock the spot. Also, big thanks to all the other performers: B.O.S. Skwad, Alias, DJ Lump, Shortrock, OptmisGFN, Mister Salty, Jacques LaROQ, and J.D.O. We also sincerely appreciate everyone that assisted and coordinated the show and the Bulfinch Staff. Have a safe and merry-fuckin new years and we will see you in 2008.

Big ups to History Major Records and don't forget to check out all the music from our artists and friends at their respective myspace pages or at ughh.

ReCaaLL the Godless

December 26, 2007


Come out and check out one of the dopest and most creative figures in underground HipHop, Vast Aire of the legendary group Cannibal Ox, as he comes to Beanz to rock with the B.O.S. Skwad and friends. This promises to be one of the dopest shows of the year, a must see- our 2007kill gift to all of you! Also, rumor has it that Vast will be bringing some homies to rock- surprises are in store!!!

ReCaaLL the Albatroid

December 24, 2007


It's been a long year, but we had fun! A big thanks to everyone that came out on Sunday night to support Re-Surch and Jacques LaROQ. Also special thanks to Dave and Midway Cafe for helping us put on a real dope show.

Moreso, a BIG BIG BIG thanks to everyone that's helped us out this year in any capacity: (no particular order) B.O.S. Skwad, Shortrock, Mister Salty, OptimisGFN, Jacques LaROQ, Shivaa, Toney Dickens, V8, Usual Suspecktz, Brzowski, Crisis Colosuss, Noboday Cares, K-the-i???, Wreckless, History Major Records, Unkel Jerry, No. 9 Ale House, Nikki Stone, Amy, Bulfinch Yacht Club, J.D.O., BreezVocs, Re-Surch, Onepersun, Stache, Alias, Shurm, every artist that contributed to the upcoming mixtape (again too many to name), McGann's Pub, ECR Radio, Lost City Beats, DJ Chase, Jerzy, Kristen, and all of our respective fans and supporters (too many to name-sorry if I forgot anyone). Without all of you, this year would have been significantly less fun.

I wish everyone a safe, booze-filled, whore-ish holiday season and hope all the best for each of you in 2008.

ReCaaLL the Albatross

December 21, 2007


Come to the Midway and help support our friends Jacques LaROQ and Re-Surch, both releasing their latest, dopest projects. Also playing Brzowski, Onepersun, and Stabros & the Albatross (Sylence DoGood and ReCaaLL). Don't forget to bring cash as the spot does not take credit cards, unfortunately.

Come celebrate the holidays with some hip hop foolz.


December 18, 2007


To everyone that came out to support at our X-mas show. Was a fun time for all; and we raised quite a bit of dough for some dope charities. WORD!

Thanks to Kristen for all the pix.
One, ReC

A Sun Shines in Portland

The days are getting shorter, the winds are getting colder, frost condensing on our beards- time for a little sunshine! This Sunday come out to the Midway Cafe and celebrate the release of Jacques LaROQ's new EP "A Sun Shines in Portland". Also, the homies from Portland Brzowski and Onepersun will be coming down from Maine to hip fools to the way life should be- mics, booze, and realness. Also, Sylence DoGood and ReCaaLL will be joining forces as Stabross & The Albatross to open up. So come out and celebrate the Portland Sunshine!

ReCaaLL Albatroid

December 12, 2007

Xmas Show - For a Great Cause!

So, its about that time, boys & girls. Jack Frost nipping at your nose, nips at the office xmas party, strangely fascinating rudolph clamation specials, and waiting for the big guy dressed in red- or whatever cartoonish character fits in with your various holiday celebrations. We'd like to invite everyone to The B.O.S. Skwad Records Xmas Show at the No. 9 Ale House. Tis the season, so...We will be asking for a donation at the door (either $5 w/ an unwrapped, new toy or $10). All toys will be donated to Toys-for-tots and all other proceeds will be donated to the Wish Foundation for terminally ill children. Also, I will personally be taking up a collection for the fire in Everett that left families homeless. Also, dope emcees and turntablists will be rockin' all night! So come through and enjoy some boombap and tall beers with The B.O.S. and friends.

Who knows if we rock the spot, Kruschev Crangel may even show up.
ReC the Albatroid

December 11, 2007

A Tuesday Treat

In light of tonight's show being cancelled, I figured everyone needed a nice dose of some sick Hip Hop. For you listening and viewing pleasure, "Pain killers" by Cannibal Ox.

The B.O.S. Skwad and a few friends will performing with Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox on December 28th at the Bulfinch Yacht Club. Hope to see everyone there.

ReCaaLL the Last Boston Albatross

December 10, 2007

2mrw's show is CANCELLED!

Unfortunately, due to a double-booking, the show tomorrow night at the Midway Cafe is cancelled. However, we WILL be rocking on Saturday at the No. 9 Ale House in Malden for some really dope charities. More info to follow.


December 8, 2007

Boston Sports Post

This is the first of a weekly sports posting in the Boston area so check it read it and sorry akro is not here so it wont be a rap, if you call Uncle Jerry he will sing it to you.

Boston Redsox: Well in some good news Eric Gagne has declined arbitration this is the best news since they signed Pedro. Also the Redsox have agreed to terms with Mike Timlin on a one year deal to bring Timlin back for his sixth season with the Redsox. Things are also heating up in the Santana talks Redsox are willing to part with Crisp and Lester but will not trade Ellsbury.

The Redsox are looking to also bolster the best pen in baseball by trying to sign some relief pitching.

Boston Celtics: Well the best team in basketball is just winning and winning big they steam rolled past Toronto last night by 28 points. The Celtics had five players in double figures lead by Garnett's 23pts. The Celtics are now 16-2 the second best start in team history which lead to Doc Rivers being named coach of the month for November.

New England Pats: Theres nothing to say but undefeated, Brady is 9 tds away for breaking Manning's record and Moss the same guy the NFL said was washed up is 5 tds for Rice's single season record o yeah did i say also the Pats need just 87 points to break the vikings record for a season. If the Pats get by the Steelers no one can touch them this will be the toughest game of the year .

Boston Bruins: Well does anyone really care ??? sorry Mister Salty i know this is your favorite sport but only you and Uncle Jerry care so we wont waste the time.

Check out next week and see were we stand

one Sylence DoGood

December 6, 2007

Main Street Fire in Everett

As many of you know, there was a huge fire on Main Street in Everett, only houses away from the home-base. Fortunately, noone was killed and the loser lounge remains completely intact. However, three houses burned to the ground and dozens of families lost everything. We would like to ask all of our supporters to dig deep this holiday season and donate whatever you can to this cause. You can make monitary donations at:

Main Street Fire Relief Fund
c/o Eagle Bank
466 Broadway
Everett, MA 02149

Also, we will be collecting additional donations at our upcoming shows.

Thanks in advance for you kindness,
Albatross Everett

December 3, 2007

"Obscene" Hip Hop being criticized in Iran

From AFP, Dec. 1

"Iran said it plans to launch a crackdown on Iranian rap music, complaining that the words used by rap artists were "obscene", the state IRNA news agency reported Thursday.
"There is nothing wrong with this type of music in itself," the official for evaluation of music at the Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry, Mohammad Dashtgoli, was quoted as saying.
"But due to the use of obscene words by its singers this music has been categorised as illegal," he said.
"In coordination with the police, illegal studios producing this type of music will be sealed and the singers in this genre will be confronted," he said.
Dashtgoli said a large number of illegal rap singers have been already identified.
The Islamic republic's hardline officials have repeatedly complained about a "cultural invasion" by "decadent" western music which they believe diminishes Islamic values.
The culture ministry official expressed his frustration that rap artists were finding low-cost ways to publish their music on the Internet. "We should find a solution for this."
Rap music has become increasingly popular amongst young urban males in Tehran, with explicit lyrics taking in social, political and sexual themes.
Producing albums and holding concerts in Iran requires official permission from the culture ministry and, needless to say, rap music is an underground phenomenon in the Islamic republic.
Nevertheless, rap albums are widely available on the black market with artists drawing inspiration from the Persian-language rap of the Iranian diaspora based in Los Angeles.
Iran is currently in the midst of its most severe moral crackdown in years, which has seen thousands of women warned for slack dressing, several bootleg music stores shut and "decadent" mixed-sex parties raided.
Conservatives have applauded the crackdown as a bold move to promote virtue but some moderates have questioned the value of the drive at a time when Iran's economic problems are hitting the poor hard."

Good looks to ZerkA8 for the scoop.


December 1, 2007

The Local Watering Hole

For some reason, it seems the Hip Hop is forever linked to a culture of drinking. Some believe that Hip Hop seems to live somewhere in the dimension of the cultural-mood, a spot where you disposition is closely linked to the feel of theseason. Boston is cold; we are in a bar. Current drinks at the no. 9 Ale House--sylence:jack and coke, x-product: blue moon draft, ReCaaLL: sprite and absolute, Kristen: also blue-mooning it, Sean: Sam Cherry Wheat, Shortrock: drank the cheapest beers in the spot. Drinking, Hip Hop, thoughts...

We are listening to the Regulators Lp on the jukebox!!!
"It's kinda easy when you listen to the G'ed up sound"