December 18, 2007


To everyone that came out to support at our X-mas show. Was a fun time for all; and we raised quite a bit of dough for some dope charities. WORD!

Thanks to Kristen for all the pix.
One, ReC

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dedicated supporter said...

the show was one of the dopest i've seen thus far. you could def feel the holiday spirit in the air! shivaa & breeze had the whole house clappin, salty spread some sweet sweet joy with his intoxicating style and lyrics, LaROQ & Twan's chemistry was off the hook makin heads bob all over, sunny black made it thru his performance with poise and perseverance, and B.O.S. capped it all off with some dope new hits and constant commitment to simply raging our worlds with their mics. thanks to all the performers for hittin me off with an ill night of music! much love!!!