June 30, 2008

June was GREAT!! peace to my peoples!

Last wkend was another ill one in local hiphop. Friday night rocked at the United Front Company Jumpoff and our peoples gave a warm welcome to Mistress and Rebels of Art as they released their new projects Saturday at the no.9 Ale House. Big thanks to Nikki Stone and O-Ry-N for hosting the respective events. Bigups to all the performers: Mistress, Rebels of Art, Crimson Bile, Black Hoodies, Sir B, O-Ry-N, M-dot, X-product, Genevieve, and B.O.S. Also, peace to everyone that helped behind the boards and with the setup and management. But, FOREMOST, thank you to everyone that came out to support the events- without you there is no local hip hop scene. Best wishes for the upcoming day-off and festivities.

June 27, 2008

Dual Record Release - SATURDAY!! MALDEN!!!

B.O.S. Skwad Records, in association with Eighteen Angles, will be hosting a dual record release for Rebels of Art and Mistress @ the no.9 Ale House, 118 Ferry St. Malden this Saturday, June 28. Definitely come through and show some support. Featured sets will include B.O.S., O-Ry-N, Sir B, and Genevieve. There will be mad merch, so take a bit of change outta ya beer fund and cop a cd.

June 26, 2008

X-product will ROCK IT! Friday Night

X-product of the B.O.S. will be featured in a hip-hop/rock show at the United Front Co. - 318 Squire Rd. Revere. Should be a dope time! Hosted by O-Ry-N. $6/18+/8pm!!! BE THERE! Show support as X rocks his new joint "color blind".


June 24, 2008


ok, boys and girls, it was a crazy long week- 5 shows, 5 nights- quite a bit of an overdose...thanks are in order (we'll do it night by night):

wed (portland): Brzowski - for everything, AM, Graymatter, Jonnymacsteeze, Turtle, Shahin, the Entire A-8 crew, Jenna- my whiskey friend, Onepersun, Agent8, Geno's, ect.

thurs (Malden): Xproduct- the ill host, AM- for driving back and helping set up, Nikki Stone, the brothers, Ghost, Quota, Kerry, Sir B, Amang, Exotic, ect.

fri (Sammys in Revere): O-Ry-N, The UFC co. staff, BOS, 18A, Mistress, Paul, Genevieve, Sammy, the cool ass door guy, my sis val, ect.

sat (Malden): BOS, Sylence DoGood, Mr, Keyes, Medisin Man, Usual Suspecktz, Nikki Stone, Amy, Laura, Matt, Ale House Staff, the brothers, Finese, OptimisGFN, Ghost, ect. ect.

sun (THE DRAFT IN ALLSTON): big thanks to Derek @ the Draft for having us after the show was dbl. booked across the way, peace to the entire staff, Shivaa, AM, Mister Salty, DJ Turnstile, Nofriendo- coming thru in the clutch, Nobody Cares, Outwrite, WID, DGP, Sylence DoGood, Kristen, all the supporters that stayed till the bitter end, ect. ect.

Peace to everyone that helped me maintain sanity this week. I am sincerely sorry if I forgot anyone, as I am completely exhausted. It was fun, and we have more planned this summer. I love you all, I still hate the world, and U KILL U.

ReCaaLL the Last Albatross

June 18, 2008

We Win! CELTICS WIN 17th Championship!

The Celtics win their 17th NBA Championship by beating the Lakers. All is well with the cosmos.

June 16, 2008


B.O.S. and friends will be rockin all week.

come thru and represent.


June 8, 2008

a sunday of recovery...

...peace to everyone that came out last night. big thanks to everyone that performed: Supraliminal, the Invicible Fex and Pause, Rebels of Art, B.O.S., and Ghost. If you have yet to cop the new disc from Supraliminal, do so- its dope!

ReCaaLL the Albatroid

June 7, 2008

Today and Tonight- iz ya ready??!!

4PM- All Ages HIP HOP release party for Supraliminal w/ B.O.S., Rebels of Art, and Pause and Fex

9PM- Birthday Bash for Sylence DoGood and AM

Both @ the no.9 Ale House, 118 Ferry St. Malden.

June 4, 2008

BIRHTDAY BASH!!! Sylence DoGood & AM!

Come thru and get drunk! Free party @ the no.9 Ale House!
Leo the Loser

June 2, 2008


No more need be said.

June 1, 2008

NEXT SAT. Surpaliminal's Record Release

An all ages jumpoff to celebrate the release of Supraliminal's release of "Vol.3: Most Likely to be Famous". A long time coming, so pass through and show some support.


ReC the Albatroid