June 30, 2008

June was GREAT!! peace to my peoples!

Last wkend was another ill one in local hiphop. Friday night rocked at the United Front Company Jumpoff and our peoples gave a warm welcome to Mistress and Rebels of Art as they released their new projects Saturday at the no.9 Ale House. Big thanks to Nikki Stone and O-Ry-N for hosting the respective events. Bigups to all the performers: Mistress, Rebels of Art, Crimson Bile, Black Hoodies, Sir B, O-Ry-N, M-dot, X-product, Genevieve, and B.O.S. Also, peace to everyone that helped behind the boards and with the setup and management. But, FOREMOST, thank you to everyone that came out to support the events- without you there is no local hip hop scene. Best wishes for the upcoming day-off and festivities.

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