March 31, 2008



Above: Short reppin' the Bean @ SXSW, Thavius Beck of Mush Records in background.

As Tom Brady only does 3 things: fucks supermodels, gets em preg, and wins championships...

...Shortrock also only does 3 things as well: kills beers, reps the celts, and fuckin destroys the tables.

BE there--- Saturday night- No. 9 Ale House, 118 Ferry St. Madlen!


Ok lost souls. This week's map of knowledge is:

"'s everywhere."

Catch you next week valtrex supporters.


March 30, 2008

Hip Hop for the Ladies- This SAT

hope to see you at the No. 9 Ale House.

come out and catch our boys, Vice Verses.


Come out NEXT SAT!!!!

yes, we would like you to come out to our show on april 5th, next saturday @ the No. 9 Ale House in Malden. Yes, we have beats and booze- so come out! Fun times!

ReCaaLL the Albatroid

March 28, 2008

4/5 - just a week away.

We, ie. my music cohorts and I, are no strangers to trying different things- That being said, on April 5th, we will be putting on an All Ages HipHop/Rock affair followed by our first Ladies Night (ladies free before 10!)... prepare for 10 hours of just straight dopeness. It's all going down at the No. 9 Ale House in Malden. Get excited, tell your friends, and come out!!!

P.S. Do you like these? Be there!!!


March 25, 2008

Stache is like THIS

our friends, Stache, from the 2/16 show @ the Midway Cafe.

go on myspace and add em!!!! and peep the whole cataloge on soundclick.

ReCaaLL the Albatroid!

Why? is sold out, but Salty-certified dope.

So Mister Salty and I were gonna head over to the Mideast to catch the Why? show tonight, but a whole bunch of indy kids already bought all the tix, it's sold out. Instead, we've decided to cop some 40z and have our own listening party (also featured some new 1000 apes in a room, think k-the-i??? + Michael Nhat + crazy ABBA samples). But, the new LP Alopecia is certified dope by Salty himself. I'm excited to hear it. I've always been an anticon-head, no not your typical, but for some reason I never really got into Why?. Why? Well, let's fess it up to the fact that I am way too close-minded. But yo, check it, weigh in, WORD!

I mean even pitchfork likes it!

And yo, just from the single, "The Hallows", the lyrics are tough!
ReCaaLL the Office Worker

March 24, 2008


Hey there, salamanders. This week's quote is:

"Friends are like beer. The less you have, the better off you are."

Tune in next week for another fork in the road prophecy.


March 22, 2008

2 shows - APRIL 5

We will be rocking the No. 9 Ale House all day and night on April 5.

4pm - ALL AGES!!! (that means bring the youngings come come thru!) Rock and Hip Hop!


9pm - 21+ LADIES NIGHT!!! featuring Vice Verses, B.O.S. Skwad, and friends

March 19, 2008


so we decided to do something to thank all the lovely ladies that have shown us unmatched support. Vice Verses, B.O.S. Skwad, Shivaa, OptimisGFN, and Jacques LaROQ will be in the place to rock for you! the event will be FREE FOR LADIES BEFORE 10pm. BOOZE, BEATS, and BEAUTY---what could be better!
ReCaaLL of B.O.S.

O man, did i mention our good friend Amy will be bartending. She makes some excellent drinks! so def come thru to the No. 9 Ale House.

March 18, 2008

March 17, 2008


This week's words of wisdom:

"Chivalry is dead."

Next week: A thought deeper than Jack Handley


B.O.S. Skwad Records in 2008 - CHECK IT!

This is the year we plan to make a very original and dope statement on our beloved Hip Hop, so look for a number upcoming releases. Foremost, B.O.S. Skwad Records has two dope mixtape coming to the streets this year:

B.O.S. Skwad Records presents "The Siege Is Now", a dope 19 track mixtape featuring artists all over New England, led by Cannibal Ox's Vast Aire

B.O.S. Skwad Records presents "Lost City Residents", produced by Lost City, featuring the illest in Boston Hip Hop and R&B.

Also, in 2008 we will also be releasing Solo Lps from B.O.S. Skwad members ReCaaLL, Topic, and Sylence DoGood:

ReCaaLL is releasing his second Lp- "U Kill U" - a voyage through the mental stress of his life and his frantic marrage with Hip Hop

Topic is on the grind with his first Lp- "Attack of the Black Techno Keds" - a unique blend of Hip Hop and ill House fused together with dope lyrics.

Sylence DoGood, off the strength of his first Lp- "Headphone Syndrome", is working on his 2nd Lp- "The Last Drink". Sylence will try to bring the street fire in the game with dope mind bending lyrics and production from the hottest producers in Boston

Make sure to check out these upcoming releases and shows throught 2008 also releases from


Usual Suspecktz - "Musica De Luxe" - a hardcore energenic fresh flavor of Hip Hop with mindblowing rhymes and street wise story telling

Mister Salty - "Tobacco Road" - the journey of a twenty-something smoker stuck between the grey nowhere of his cubicle and late-night freedom of his rhymes.

Make sure you check this year's illest in Hip Hop from B.O.S. Skwad Records and friends.

Peace Love Respect,

The Phenomeon Your Moms Favorite Emcee Sylence DoGood

March 15, 2008

A Tentative Kill

With nearly all the post-production work finished, we figured why not give a tentative date for the U Kill U release. May 24th. More info to follow.


March 13, 2008

Usual Suspecktz LIVE FRI NITE in ALLSTON

so yea, if you wanna get a few drinks and peep some ill hip hop with ur Albatroid friend, def step out to Harper's Ferry in Allston to catch the Usual Suspecktz rock with Smif-n-Wessun of the legendary BCC.

March 10, 2008

SOULKORE - wed nite.

DJ Nomadik has been hosting some of the dopest neosoul/hiphop monthlys in Boston for some time. Yo, if you're free, come check out Soulkore this Wednesday @ Harper's Ferry. For more info, get at Geneieve! Come out at support.



The quote of the week is:

"You can't put ice on the butthole."

Tune in next week for another life changing quote.


March 7, 2008


So yea, I'll probably catch some shit from Sylence for this one(jk), but ykno I had to give this props. New BEANS record coming out in 2 wks, and I am definitely excited. For those that aren't in the know- Beans, former member of Antipop Consortium, has just been putting out so much dope stuff since leaving the group. I am still very much into his 2004 Shock City Maverick lp, and even his Now, Soon, Someday ep. If you got a few extra bucks, cop Thorns from UGHH, the illest spot in Boston. I mean Beans records "under the influence of porn", what's iller.

And somehow, i got this feelin that Big Sylence is still bumpin that Antipop Ping Pong in the whip.
ReCaaLL the Albatross

March 5, 2008

NEW Subtle!!!!!!

As most of you (the 3 people that actually look at the page) already know- I am a HUGE fan of DoseOne. And, I'm not afraid to admit it, dude is just sick. Furthermore, I am really into Subtle (the 6 man supergroup, which includes Dose, Jel, and Dax). I have no idea how these guys are able to put out the quality and quantity of material that they have while touring the entirety of the US and Europe! In any case, the new Subtle Lp "Unlikely Shock Rock" will be out by the summer. Peep this dope preview and new track (scroll to the bottom), courtesy of CokeMachineGlow, via Unkel Jerry!

March 2, 2008


I'd like to talk about a subject that affects all of us. Frontin' The definition of frontin is giving a certain impression that is contradictory to the way you feel. CUT THAT BULLSHIT OUT!! People like to think that if they tell people one thing to not hurt thier feelings that they will hopefully not come at you with the same issue again. WRONG!! The issue will keep coming at you until you deal with the situation, or problem depending on how deep you are into your fakeness. The sooner you eat your vegetables, the sooner you can enjoy your dessert. Because the more you let the bullshit pile on your plate, the more you'll have to swallow eventually.

I know for a fact that are people who hate me...ALOT!!! But no matter what, they can't say that I am full of shit. They'll know where I stant without question and they are free to come at me and express their discontent. They will know that I don't give nine shits, and consider the strong possiblility that I won't change if it's nothing opposite from what I feel to be true. Even though I'm open to learning new things, most won't provide that knowledge.

So please, don't front around the people you associate and you'll be a better human being for it. You might end up with less people to talk to, but you're life will be pleasant.


Show in Malden- GREAT SUCCESS

a BIG, WARM thank you to everyone that come out to support last night at the No. 9 Ale House in Malden. Special thanks to all the artists: Shurm, Dickie Skinz, Green Monster, Shivaa, Shortrock, and Topic. Peace to Nick for having us, and to Amy for holding down the bar solo- she is the BEST! We will be back on 3/29 with an all ages event, followed by a 21+ hip hop jam!

peace from our secret lair in Chelsea,
ReCaaLL, Sylence, LaROQ, and Janer!

March 1, 2008

We'd like to hear from YOU!

I've always felt that Indy Hip Hop ought to be a genuine representation of the people. A truly egalitarian music- unaware of barriers that may separate us in "real life". So, in that spirit, we are asking for contributions to the site. If you have any interesting thoughts and opinions on Hip Hop related manners, def shoot us an email and we'll post your thoughts.

Be sure to include your contact info! Thanks for all the support.

ReC the Albatroid