March 17, 2008

B.O.S. Skwad Records in 2008 - CHECK IT!

This is the year we plan to make a very original and dope statement on our beloved Hip Hop, so look for a number upcoming releases. Foremost, B.O.S. Skwad Records has two dope mixtape coming to the streets this year:

B.O.S. Skwad Records presents "The Siege Is Now", a dope 19 track mixtape featuring artists all over New England, led by Cannibal Ox's Vast Aire

B.O.S. Skwad Records presents "Lost City Residents", produced by Lost City, featuring the illest in Boston Hip Hop and R&B.

Also, in 2008 we will also be releasing Solo Lps from B.O.S. Skwad members ReCaaLL, Topic, and Sylence DoGood:

ReCaaLL is releasing his second Lp- "U Kill U" - a voyage through the mental stress of his life and his frantic marrage with Hip Hop

Topic is on the grind with his first Lp- "Attack of the Black Techno Keds" - a unique blend of Hip Hop and ill House fused together with dope lyrics.

Sylence DoGood, off the strength of his first Lp- "Headphone Syndrome", is working on his 2nd Lp- "The Last Drink". Sylence will try to bring the street fire in the game with dope mind bending lyrics and production from the hottest producers in Boston

Make sure to check out these upcoming releases and shows throught 2008 also releases from


Usual Suspecktz - "Musica De Luxe" - a hardcore energenic fresh flavor of Hip Hop with mindblowing rhymes and street wise story telling

Mister Salty - "Tobacco Road" - the journey of a twenty-something smoker stuck between the grey nowhere of his cubicle and late-night freedom of his rhymes.

Make sure you check this year's illest in Hip Hop from B.O.S. Skwad Records and friends.

Peace Love Respect,

The Phenomeon Your Moms Favorite Emcee Sylence DoGood

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