March 7, 2008


So yea, I'll probably catch some shit from Sylence for this one(jk), but ykno I had to give this props. New BEANS record coming out in 2 wks, and I am definitely excited. For those that aren't in the know- Beans, former member of Antipop Consortium, has just been putting out so much dope stuff since leaving the group. I am still very much into his 2004 Shock City Maverick lp, and even his Now, Soon, Someday ep. If you got a few extra bucks, cop Thorns from UGHH, the illest spot in Boston. I mean Beans records "under the influence of porn", what's iller.

And somehow, i got this feelin that Big Sylence is still bumpin that Antipop Ping Pong in the whip.
ReCaaLL the Albatross

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