March 2, 2008


I'd like to talk about a subject that affects all of us. Frontin' The definition of frontin is giving a certain impression that is contradictory to the way you feel. CUT THAT BULLSHIT OUT!! People like to think that if they tell people one thing to not hurt thier feelings that they will hopefully not come at you with the same issue again. WRONG!! The issue will keep coming at you until you deal with the situation, or problem depending on how deep you are into your fakeness. The sooner you eat your vegetables, the sooner you can enjoy your dessert. Because the more you let the bullshit pile on your plate, the more you'll have to swallow eventually.

I know for a fact that are people who hate me...ALOT!!! But no matter what, they can't say that I am full of shit. They'll know where I stant without question and they are free to come at me and express their discontent. They will know that I don't give nine shits, and consider the strong possiblility that I won't change if it's nothing opposite from what I feel to be true. Even though I'm open to learning new things, most won't provide that knowledge.

So please, don't front around the people you associate and you'll be a better human being for it. You might end up with less people to talk to, but you're life will be pleasant.



Albatross said...

we've been breached!!!! do NOT click on the link- virus! i'll fix it. peace

albatross said...

fixed! i think the virus searches for certain phrases, but i can def zap em out when they come.