January 29, 2008

January 28, 2008


The Skwad is BACK! On February 16th, we will be rockin the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain from 4pm til 2am! We're going to put on two dope Hip Hop shows back-to-back. At 4pm, we have an ALL AGES Valentines' Day affair featuring some of the freshest young guns in Boston. Later in the evening, at 9pm, we've gathered some of the most unique acts for another underground shitshow. Peep the lineups, more to follow!

4pm ALL AGES V-day Bash:
B.O.S. Skwad

9pm 21+ Come and Watch:
Usual Suspecktz
Waltah S. Parks
Jacques LaROQ & OptimisGFN
Stabross & the Albatross

January 23, 2008

This is Poor People's Day - Bigg Jus

One of the only truly socio-politcal and concious records since 9/11 is Bigg Jus' "Poor People's Day". Dealing with subjects such as voicing dissent, treachery within politically organizations, the inability of our democracy to truly reach the masses, our reliance on the industrial militarly complex, and the loss of spirituality through facist consumerism and imperialism, the album is a call for direct, immediate, and unrelenting action from the ground up-forcing us to examine our every failure to respond. I found a remarkable podcast by 1MCSource that chronicle's Bigg Jus from his days as a member of Company Flow, through his work with NMS, into the Poor People's disc. It is also available for download for free. So check it out! Get hype to the fact that your freedom is dissolving right in front of your face.

Stache is like that!

Peep this vid of our friends Stache at the Ale House. We are not responsible for any seizures induced by the strobes!

January 22, 2008

Still on that Gandhi!

One disc you must cop, if you haven't already. ReCaaLL's "A World Without Earth", released on History Major Records.

In the words of HMR co-founder Unkel Jerry,
"It's about finding yourself, losing yourself, needing music, loving Boston--and hating it. It's violent and harsh, sensitive and thoughtful. It's real.
It took a ton of people to make this album happen, but it's also fully Leo's creation.
This is more than a debut album--it's an introduction to a profound new talent."

yea, its almost been a year since the release, wow...so cop it if you haven't, if you have good looks.
Albatross the Godless

January 16, 2008

December Pix

Thanks to Kristen for all the dope pix. Wow, what a crazy run. Stay tuned for the worlds craziest Hip Hop roller coaster to resume on 2/16 at the Midway Cafe!

January 11, 2008



January 4, 2008

Yellin' "Go 3000!"

Outkast never left-but they are definitely on their "brett farve"! It seems ridiculous that one of the dopest groups in the history of hip hop has continually suffered ridicule for pushing the envelop as they fed us innovative, fresh helpings of their unique musical flavor. To proclaim that Dre was still one of the illest lyracists even as "The Love Below" dropped, left me with alot of gaping jaws in the bars...but crtics be silenced! Check out their lastest "Da Art Of Storytellin' pt.4" off Drama's complilation "Gangsta Grillz The Album".

January 3, 2008

Still Alive - spread on a slice of life

Again, it's difficult for me to hide my personally affinity for the seaside city of Portland, Maine. The streets have a certain air of possibility- where creation does not only seem possible but definite. Dipping in and out of the beer spots, roving the winding cobblestones, breathing deep of that seabreeze...the Portland experience is surely distinct. Likewise, true Maine hip hop seems to exist in some incomparable frame of the unique. Anticon vet DJ Mayonnaise presents his latest concoction, 8 years after his last solo effort. The soundscape is gripping, paralyzing, and dense while simultaneously liberating and fresh. Def head to UGHH to taste the dichotomy.

January 2, 2008

The 11th Hour!

Del the Funkee Homosapien's new, much-anticipated album "The Eleventh Hour" will be released on Def Jux in 2008- not a big surprise for heads hype to his longtime friendship with El-P! Needless to say, we are all very excited for Del's newest dose of realness, his first dolo drop in nearly 7 years. I wasn't able to find an official tracklisting yet or a true release date, but be on the look!

ReCaaLL the near-homosapien