January 23, 2008

This is Poor People's Day - Bigg Jus

One of the only truly socio-politcal and concious records since 9/11 is Bigg Jus' "Poor People's Day". Dealing with subjects such as voicing dissent, treachery within politically organizations, the inability of our democracy to truly reach the masses, our reliance on the industrial militarly complex, and the loss of spirituality through facist consumerism and imperialism, the album is a call for direct, immediate, and unrelenting action from the ground up-forcing us to examine our every failure to respond. I found a remarkable podcast by 1MCSource that chronicle's Bigg Jus from his days as a member of Company Flow, through his work with NMS, into the Poor People's disc. It is also available for download for free. So check it out! Get hype to the fact that your freedom is dissolving right in front of your face.

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