January 29, 2008

B.O.S. Skwad fall pix

The B.O.S. Skwad, your mom's favorite emcees!


Albatross said...

Top to bottom:
1.Sylence and ReCaaLL ripping the bill of rights to shreds
2.Sylence and Topic wylin’ out during LaROQ’s set
3.drunk guy- causality of war
4.Topic vs. ReCaaLL during Masada
5.ReCaaLL @ McGanns
6.X-product rippin’ @ No. 9 Ale House
7.Sylence DoGood
8.Topic and ReCaaLL during ATBTK set
9.ReCaaLL, X-product, Sylence, and Shortrock

dedicated suporter said...

ahahahahaha...i grew up with #3 drunk guy-casualty of war! he's a nice kid, but def can't hang. i love the way you throw the unknown under the bus, B.O.S. RULES!!!

albatross said...

ahahahahahhaaahaah! he is welcome back ANYTIME- thats what we are all about- a pantshitting drunk time!