June 24, 2008


ok, boys and girls, it was a crazy long week- 5 shows, 5 nights- quite a bit of an overdose...thanks are in order (we'll do it night by night):

wed (portland): Brzowski - for everything, AM, Graymatter, Jonnymacsteeze, Turtle, Shahin, the Entire A-8 crew, Jenna- my whiskey friend, Onepersun, Agent8, Geno's, ect.

thurs (Malden): Xproduct- the ill host, AM- for driving back and helping set up, Nikki Stone, the brothers, Ghost, Quota, Kerry, Sir B, Amang, Exotic, ect.

fri (Sammys in Revere): O-Ry-N, The UFC co. staff, BOS, 18A, Mistress, Paul, Genevieve, Sammy, the cool ass door guy, my sis val, ect.

sat (Malden): BOS, Sylence DoGood, Mr, Keyes, Medisin Man, Usual Suspecktz, Nikki Stone, Amy, Laura, Matt, Ale House Staff, the brothers, Finese, OptimisGFN, Ghost, ect. ect.

sun (THE DRAFT IN ALLSTON): big thanks to Derek @ the Draft for having us after the show was dbl. booked across the way, peace to the entire staff, Shivaa, AM, Mister Salty, DJ Turnstile, Nofriendo- coming thru in the clutch, Nobody Cares, Outwrite, WID, DGP, Sylence DoGood, Kristen, all the supporters that stayed till the bitter end, ect. ect.

Peace to everyone that helped me maintain sanity this week. I am sincerely sorry if I forgot anyone, as I am completely exhausted. It was fun, and we have more planned this summer. I love you all, I still hate the world, and U KILL U.

ReCaaLL the Last Albatross

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