December 8, 2007

Boston Sports Post

This is the first of a weekly sports posting in the Boston area so check it read it and sorry akro is not here so it wont be a rap, if you call Uncle Jerry he will sing it to you.

Boston Redsox: Well in some good news Eric Gagne has declined arbitration this is the best news since they signed Pedro. Also the Redsox have agreed to terms with Mike Timlin on a one year deal to bring Timlin back for his sixth season with the Redsox. Things are also heating up in the Santana talks Redsox are willing to part with Crisp and Lester but will not trade Ellsbury.

The Redsox are looking to also bolster the best pen in baseball by trying to sign some relief pitching.

Boston Celtics: Well the best team in basketball is just winning and winning big they steam rolled past Toronto last night by 28 points. The Celtics had five players in double figures lead by Garnett's 23pts. The Celtics are now 16-2 the second best start in team history which lead to Doc Rivers being named coach of the month for November.

New England Pats: Theres nothing to say but undefeated, Brady is 9 tds away for breaking Manning's record and Moss the same guy the NFL said was washed up is 5 tds for Rice's single season record o yeah did i say also the Pats need just 87 points to break the vikings record for a season. If the Pats get by the Steelers no one can touch them this will be the toughest game of the year .

Boston Bruins: Well does anyone really care ??? sorry Mister Salty i know this is your favorite sport but only you and Uncle Jerry care so we wont waste the time.

Check out next week and see were we stand

one Sylence DoGood


sloan said...

what happened to the Revs? i need a Revs update!

Jan said...
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Jan said...
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Jan said...

Uh, sorry but there are quite a few Bruins fans who would like to see the efforts of the team recognized. It wouldn't hurt that much to give us some air time, would it?

Franz the Unoriginal said...

Jan, we will def have a Bruins update for you soon! Hey ya gotta rep the Bruins like RSO, word