December 24, 2007


It's been a long year, but we had fun! A big thanks to everyone that came out on Sunday night to support Re-Surch and Jacques LaROQ. Also special thanks to Dave and Midway Cafe for helping us put on a real dope show.

Moreso, a BIG BIG BIG thanks to everyone that's helped us out this year in any capacity: (no particular order) B.O.S. Skwad, Shortrock, Mister Salty, OptimisGFN, Jacques LaROQ, Shivaa, Toney Dickens, V8, Usual Suspecktz, Brzowski, Crisis Colosuss, Noboday Cares, K-the-i???, Wreckless, History Major Records, Unkel Jerry, No. 9 Ale House, Nikki Stone, Amy, Bulfinch Yacht Club, J.D.O., BreezVocs, Re-Surch, Onepersun, Stache, Alias, Shurm, every artist that contributed to the upcoming mixtape (again too many to name), McGann's Pub, ECR Radio, Lost City Beats, DJ Chase, Jerzy, Kristen, and all of our respective fans and supporters (too many to name-sorry if I forgot anyone). Without all of you, this year would have been significantly less fun.

I wish everyone a safe, booze-filled, whore-ish holiday season and hope all the best for each of you in 2008.

ReCaaLL the Albatross

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