February 14, 2008

Unkel Jerry's take on this WKEND!

From HMR:

"A Historically Significant Weekend

It's been, what... several months since Charlie played his last show with This Flood Covers the Earth. So we're certain he's rested and ready to deliver more of his EVHian guitar heroics. I actually have no idea what his new band Luau sounds like, but they also consist of guys from Bravo Fucking Bravo and Pretty Faces and they're doing a show in New Hampshire with Daniel Striped Tiger. At a burrito place in Dover at 7 (I think.)


In hip-hop terms, a Saturday begins roughly at 3 p.m., when you're finally awake and eating left-over pizza and trying to clean up after your funky ass self.

So, in those terms, Recaall will be running an all-day hip-hop show in Jamaica Plain on Saturday.

At 4 p.m., in what I think is only Recaall's second all-ages performance, there's a matinee show at the Midway featuring his group BOS Skwad, plus Stache, Supraliminal, and others. At 9 p.m., still at the Midway, there'll be at 21+ show featuring Brzowski, the U.S., OptimisGFN, LaROQ, Waltah S. Parks, and a special ReCaaLL group making its North American debut.

In equally exciting news, Helms will be playing at Great Scott (21+) in Allston as Neptune releases a new something.

Thankfully Monday is a holiday."


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