April 21, 2008


I got the day off but still showing dedication to information. (actually, it's just wake and bake weather). No matter. This week's quote comes from a great philosopher in his own right:

"You only get in trouble when you say what people don't want you to say."
-Charles Barkley

Until your 12, 500th rebound or next week (whichever comes first), keep your elbows up!


albatross said...

yo salty and i were watching the nba fiasco that is playoff commentary last night, and sir charles looked straight booted- dude nearly didnt make any sense. i just hope he was sippin that VSOP

Computadores said...

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Jacques LaROQ said...

the chuckster might have been, but he's seen more basketball than i've heard mispronounciations of "car", "bar", and "nasa". hell, i can say someone sucks after a blizz. and i do