April 15, 2008

Truly Conscious Hip Hop - MAKE NOIZE 4 TIBET

Some may argue that the Olympic Games are not the appropriate forum for political protest. In fact, this is a very nihilistic approach. The summer games are the foremost forum for raising questions about our human condition, a world stage. As Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists in protest of unfair conditions facing the black American population at Mexico City in '68, the Summer Olympic games have again set a stage for protest- that of Chinese occupation of Tibet. As what some would dub conscious Hip-Hoppers, it is in fact our obligation to act in the name of causes we deem as righteous. Admittedly, the issue of Chinese/Tibetan relation is very complex and daunting. However, there is a strong Tibetan voice that has long been oppressed by the Chinese bureaucratic machine. Hip hop must be the world voice. We support freedom of expression on all levels. Please check out the "Makenoize 4 Tibet" movement, a hip hop coalition dedicated to voicing the concerns of the diaspora of Tibet. It is time to stand up for something again! The group has asked supporters to donate a soundbite to noize4tibet@gmail.com (mp3/wav) and hear it on the next mix.

In full support of the Tibetan cause,


Jacques LaROQ said...

ted dibiase said it best. "everyone's got a price". even the IOC

Anonymous said...

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